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OPT World Championship

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Comes a mini-game is the most popular slot machines in Japan.Is "Cinderella Blade" is the name of the slot machine. clear the stage of all, please try also aims to world rankings.

◆ Description GameWithin the time limit is a game, tap the button that appears in the random Penpen on the game screen, score to win more. There is a stage for each character that appeared in "Blade Cinderella" will clear the stage and earn a score of more than clear and the score is set for each stage.
◆ roll modeTapping mode to migrate to tap continuously Penpen button, and a certain number of successful combo. In roll mode, the Penpen button will appear at the center of the screen, you can roll within a certain period of time, the Penpen button. In roll mode, when more than a certain number of times, the pound, you can earn bonus score at the end of roll mode.